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    Deeper levels of relationships can be found beyond the group experience.
    Smallcircle captures the life-changing power of one-to-one relationships.


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  • Jim Putman

    "Xchange captures the relational component of discipleship as a highly effective tool. Quite simply, Xchange develops disciples who make disciples. I wholly endorse Xchange and hope you will use it to guide people to maturity in Christ."

    Author of DiscipleShift

  • Will Mancini

    "You will not find a more biblical, creative and practical tool for disciple-making than Xchange. If you’re serious about true multiplication where disciples become transformed disciplemakers, Xchange is a must."

    Founder of Auxano, author of God Dreams

  • Mac Lake

    "Xchange is designed to be a simple, effective and reproducible system for every day discipleship. If you want to see a discipleship movement, Xchange is the right tool for the job."

    - MAC LAKE
    Senior Director of Church Planter Development, NAMB

  • Steve Saccone

    "The most thoroughly thought- through and well-designed manual for disciple-making that I’ve ever seen."

    Author of Relational Intelligence

  • Charlie Costa

    "Xchange leads the disciple on his journey while at the same time building this strong bond of fellowship between the disciple and the disciplemaker."

    Executive Director of Arabic Ministry, Insight for Living

  • Doug Martin

    "By providing solid biblical content and creative exercise labs, Xchange will help move your people out of the shallow end into a deeper relationship with Christ."

    Executive Director, ABWE North America

  • Jim Putman
  • Will Mancini
  • Mac Lake
  • Steve Saccone
  • Charlie Costa
  • Doug Martin

The Predicament

There are three very clear challenges that we face in the church culture. We are faced with a relational predicament, a transformation predicament, and a consumerism predicament.

The Solution

Even though we face steep challenges, there is a solution that tackles the predicaments we face: one-to-one relationships. “My growing conviction is that all substantial change depends on people experiencing a certain kind of relationship.” (Larry Crabb, Becoming a True Spiritual Community)

The Strategy

To reach extraordinary Kingdom results, there must be a strategy. “My studies of thousands of churches across the country have convinced me that discipleship does not happen simply because a church exists. It occurs when there is an intentional and strategic thrust to facilitate spiritual maturity.” (George Barna, Growing True Disciples)

The Tools

Learn about the tools of Xchange. A more detailed explanation with visual support is found in the Getting Started film in the training section.

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NEXT is specifically designed to give new believers a solid foundation of the basics right away. There are 12 chapters that present the fundamentals in a simple way with eye appealing graphic design. NEXT has proven to be strongly effective for new believers and it is built to ramp right into Xchange.

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Xchange Stories

"It changes you... to see someone's life in a personal way"

I found out that my life won't be changed by listening to a sermon on Sunday morning or showing up at my small group every other week, but it's going to happen by really knowing who someone is and letting them know who I am. XCHANGE helps that happen.

- Darci Banister, Disciplemaker